Site-specific works inspired by Ladew’s gardens and architecture


While exploring Ladew Topiary Garden’s 22 acres of gardens and the historic Manor House, sculptor-in-residence, Laura Amussen found herself reminded of Mother Nature’s unwieldy propensity to consume abandoned or unattended structures and objects…


Laura Amussen applies a thematically based, curatorial approach to her work, producing multiple works simultaneously, one informing the other. Employing an interdisciplinary approach that often includes large-scale site-specific installations, intimate sculptures, mixed media works, videos, projections, photographs, and performances, her practice is that of a visual storyteller. She is often drawn to natural materials or themes that reference the natural world as metaphor and labor-intensive repetitive processes, to create surfaces which are textured and nuanced.










Checkmate, 2020
Artificial Ivy Site-specific installation

In the Oval Library, a single sprig of ivy creeps through a grate on the floor. Visible through the window—just beyond the threshold—the ivy blankets the ground. Its presence threatening to overtake the inlaid drop-leaf gaming table and side chairs before making its way to the oval partners desk. One can easily imagine—if given time —the ivy swallowing these interior relics whole, as Mother Nature creates topiaries of Her own. Amussen’s piece Checkmate brings this playful fantasy to life. Artificial ivy spreads across the floor and over the furniture, leaving visible only traces of the structures beneath.



Oval Library Topiary Folly, 2020
Gazebo, artificial ivy,
second-hand artificial flowers
9.5’ x 12.5’ x 9.5’

Taking cues from the ivy infiltrating the Oval Library, but also inspired by the follys, gardens, and topiaries found in Ladew’s gardens, Oval Library Topiary Folly, delightfully brings the inside out, a merger of both landscape and architecture. A large oval gazebo provides the framework for this beautiful structure, as again artificial ivy and flowers overtake the building. Most of these artificial flowers were bought second-hand, a deliberate choice by the artist. By using artificial plastic plant material Amussen hopes to draw attention to our world’s ecological concerns regarding plastic consumption and pollution, imagining a time when nature is inevitably replaced by waste before She takes control again.



Embedded in the seed is the blossom waiting to unfold, 2020
Armature, artificial plants and flowers
42” x 48” x 48”

Inspired by the abundance of seedpods that blanket Ladew’s Wildflower Meadow, Amussen renders the seed larger than life and draws parallels between nature and femininity, in her piece, Embedded in the seed is the blossom waiting to unfold.




A collective of Baltimore Clayworks resident artists will draw inspiration throughout all seasons of the year at Ladew culminating in a dynamic group fall art show.
Fall Art show to be held on October 17th (rain date) October 18th).

Baltimore Clayworks is a ceramic arts center, located in Baltimore City, that brings the world of ceramics to our city and surrounding region through outstanding artistic, educational and collaborative programming.

Understanding that art nourishes the human spirit and brings us together, the artists work in the Baltimore Clayworks studios, galleries, classes, and communities to nurture and welcome a diverse community of professional and emerging artists, seasoned potters, and the new learner.

The Baltimore Claywork’s Artists represented at Ladew this year are:



@ltmick on Instagram
@LeighTaylorMickelson on Facebook

Leigh Mickelson is a New York-based ceramic sculptor inspired by forms from nature. Her work expresses narratives about relationships, especially those found in plant life.






Botanical No. 40



Lynne’s current body of work combines intuitive, expressive and incised paintings of familiar imagery on to utilitarian ceramics. She strives to imbue a personal quality of playfulness on to pots made for everyday use.





Butterfly/flowers cup with turquoise inside and rim



@saraemor on Instagram
@saraemor on Facebook


Sara Morales-Morgan is an artist located in Baltimore who explores her notions of identity and home through the creation of illustrated ceramic sculptures and paintings.












@pinkkisspottery on InstagramImaginative scenes and whimsical illustrations adorn Shawna Pincus’ pottery. She has developed a unique way of layering pattern, texture and hand drawn images to create a rich surface on her hand built wares. Inspired by watercolor, narrative illustration, and folk pottery Shawna strives to create affordable, functional art that will warm your heart and home.







Fern Print Oval Planter with Tray




See their work and more on the Virtual Art Show page