Mary Swann

I like being in places where I feel like painting. From a young age (maybe 9), I have loved landscapes though without knowing for quite a few years that it was the light, and the way it affects colors, shapes, and distances that moved me so much. I wanted to hold onto it. So I’ve painted and drawn outdoors in many different places: Nantucket Jamaica France Mexico Nova Scotia, and, lately, most regularly, around Monkton.





Andor Run-In 2018
 oil on linen
8” x 10”

Field Roller 2019
 oil on linen
 12” x 16”


High Clouds, Yellow Shed 2019
Oil on linen
8 x 8 


Summer Storm 2017
oil on linen 
24” x 36”

Watering Hole 2016
oil on linen 
30” x 40”

Woodland Iris 2014
oil on linen panel
 9” x 12”

Protector, detail