Ladew Topiary Gardens

Named One of the Top 5 Gardens
in North America

Picture of the Tivoli Tea House & Garden at Ladew Gardens

Tivoli Tea House and Garden

A confirmed Anglophile, Harvey Ladew shared the English appreciation of garden follies. These elements in Ladew’s gardens range from the traditional pagoda (in the untraditional colors of yellow and orange) in the Yellow Garden, to the domed Temple of Venus which marks the northernmost point of the gardens, to the ultimate folly — the Tivoli Tea House. The façade of the ticket sales pavilion at the Tivoli Music Hall in London was purchased by Mr. Ladew and installed in the gardens as the front wall of the Tea House folly. It reflects one of countless English architectural elements that Mr. Ladew had shipped from England and incorporated into his house and gardens. The Tea House reopened in June 2016 following an extensive historic restoration which included both structural and decorative elements and more expansive interpretive themes. The restoration, based on written and photographic documentation, affords visitors the opportunity to view and experience the space as Mr. Ladew himself.Look inside to see a framed window labeled “Ever Changing Landscape”, which is a tribute to Mr. Ladew’s vision. The brick path leads to a quiet, secluded garden with a pool and fountain.

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Tivoli Tea House and Garden

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