Ladew Topiary Gardens

Named One of the Top 5 Gardens
in North America

Picture of the Elizabethan Room at Ladew Gardens

Manor House - Elizabethan Room

The 16th century country houses he knew so well from his English hunting season
provided inspiration to build his own “Elizabethan Room”. Always the treasure hunter,
Mr. Ladew found some rare Elizabethan paneling in a shop on London’s Dover Street and
used that to cover his walls. He came across a Tudor Rose pattern in an old book and had
New York craftsmen copy the design and ship it down to Maryland. Harford County artisans
fashioned the windows and sills. During hunting house party weekends, Mr. Ladew and the
gentlemen would have their breakfast here on trays before a roaring fire, while the ladies
relaxed over their tea in bed.

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Elizabethan Room

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House interior photographs copyright Helen Norman Photography.