Ladew Topiary Gardens

Named One of the Top 5 Gardens
in North America

Polo Field

There are actually two polo fields at Ladew, each occupying roughly 10 acres, or the size of three football fields. Rabbits, deer, small rodents and birds forage here. These, in turn, attract predators such as red foxes, kestrels (sparrow hawks) and red-tailed hawks. Nest boxes for bluebirds and kestrels have been placed around the fields to supplement the natural tree cavities these birds use. Tree swallows and chickadees also nest in bluebird boxes. In the summer tree and barn swallows capture insects over the fields; in the fall Canada geese feed on the field grasses.

Along uncut edges, wildflowers draw an abundance of butterflies and moths. Clouded sulphurs, cabbage whites and swallow tails commonly float over the polo field. Toward the woods you may hear spring peepers, tiny frogs that call from the wetland forest.

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