Ladew Gardens is committed to making our Gardens, Manor House, Nature Walk, Butterfly House, Gift Shop, Café, and programs accessible to everyone, including making every effort to meet the needs of guests with mobility limitations. However, due to the historic nature of the campus and buildings, some areas may present challenges to those in wheelchairs or who have difficulty walking. The garden terrain varies from compacted-gravel walkways, to grass-paved paths, to mulched trails through wooded areas. Seating areas are provided throughout the Gardens.

            ~ Formal Gardens: The Hunt Scene, Woodland Garden, Victorian Garden, Berry Garden and Croquet Court are accessible by paved and/or hard packed surfaces.  The rest of the Gardens are lawn and mulched or gravel paths.  Please note that wet ground conditions can make the Gardens more challenging to navigate. 

            ~ Manor House: The original 18th century structure has had many additions to it over the years, creating the necessity for one or two steps in between many of the rooms. Only two of the rooms in the Manor House are wheelchair accessible.

            ~ Nature Walk: The first quarter of the mile-long Nature Walk trail is wheelchair accessible boardwalk, however, the path leading to the Nature Walk is gravel.

            ~ Butterfly House: The Butterfly House can be accessed via a wheelchair-friendly path through the Café Courtyard and then a short distance across a grass path. The floor of the Butterfly House is gravel.

            ~ Gift Shop, Café, Studio/Gallery & Restrooms are all wheelchair accessible.


Ladew offers a wheelchair for loan at no charge on a first come, first served basis. You may contact us in advance of your visit at 410.557.9570, x 218 to reserve the wheelchair. Or you may make your request at the Admissions gatehouse when you pay the admissions fee. We will ask to retain your car keys or driver’s license while you use the wheelchair.

Ladew Gardens offers handicapped parking in our main parking lot. During special events additional handicapped parking will be provided in designated areas.

Click on the map to see an enlarged map of the Accessible Cart Tour.